The MpowerMynt Challenge

The MpowerMynt Challenge

July 24, 2019 3 Comments

Challenge Achieved

As I mentioned in the video, we will use the Challenge Achieved web platform to record and track our progress. I misspoke in my video, as they actually do have an app for both Android and iPhone. I included direct links to them at the bottom of the post.

The instructions for our challenge are pretty easy:

  1. Create an account (it's free) with Challenge Achieved
  2. Create one or more public challenge, using either a Number Challenge or Daily Challenge. (I included descriptions of the two types below.)
  3. Set the start and end date to be at least 12 weeks.
  4. Add the tag #mpowermynt to your challenge, then submit!

I will be able to find and track the progress of your challenge(s) using the #mpowermynt tag.

Remember to choose something reasonable in terms of anything quantifiable done daily (e.g. Read for at least 20 minutes daily...not 1 hour). Why? Because it's easier to stick to and will allow you to make up missed days easier...reading for 40 minutes in one day is easier than 2 hours.

Finally, If you need help with the app, figuring out a goal, need some motivation to remain focused on achieving your goal(s), or want to privately participate...please PLEASE PLEASE send me an email at

Can't wait to see the progress and send out these medals!



Number Challenge - when you have a number in mind

  • Read 7 books
  • Ride 1000 km with bicycle
  • Lose 5 kilograms

You probably get the idea. When your result could be described in numbers you should create a number challenge for that. Then increase/decrease value accordingly each day or week when the value changes. Your aim is to make it to that number.

When you create a challenge you can define the starting point, ending value and a step in which you want to increment or decrement the value. Therefore if your challenge is losing weight it's recommended to have 0.1 step and if your challenge is saving money maybe 100 step might make more sense. You can also define a unit of measure e.g. kg, page, km, $. Then each day try to do your best to change that number towards your desired number. Find out more by creating Number Challenge.

If the resulting challenge is not defined in some number but is rather something continuous, daily challenge is at your service.

Daily Challenge for daily usage

Let's say you want to do sports and losing weight is not your end result - you just want to be healthier and live longer. You want to start running daily or few days per week. Or maybe you want to start learning the French language daily. Then you need to have something to check each day.

  • Read a new blog about motivation each day
  • Eat only vegetables for two weeks
  • Go for a morning run 3 times a week

In the daily challenge, you define task or tasks that you want to do on the daily basis. You can set how many days per week this needs to happen and then you check the task each day and keep your progress updated. Try it out with new Daily Challenge.


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