Battle Of The Mind - Acrylic Print



"each person's life is a kind of battle, and a long and varied one too.  You must keep watch like a solider..."  -Epictetus, Discourses

The greatest war we fight is within our own minds.  Everyday we battle against impulses to be the person we want to be.  To win this war, we must practice Discipline, Fortitude, Courage, Clearheadedness, Selflessness & Sacrifice, and resist Cowardice, Rashness, Disorganization, Overconfidence, Weakness, & Selfishness. 

Remember this battle plan with the stylish lines and added depth of an acrylic print. Our image gets printed directly onto the back of a 1/4" thick sheet of clear acrylic. The high gloss of the acrylic sheet complements the rich colors of any image to produce stunning results.

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